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Gold of Fools
And then
In the gold of fools dressed
She walked – through the city streets
The goddess of truthful eyes
Heeding not the warning – the Death
On her grinning lips
Fearlessly – she kissed
W naiwnych złoto obleczona
Kroczyła – ulicami miasta
Bogini szczerooka
I pomimo ostrzeżeń – Śmierć
W jej roześmiane usta
Bez strachu – ucałowała
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TabletTry02 by LadyOaks TabletTry02 :iconladyoaks:LadyOaks 0 1 TabletTry01 by LadyOaks
Mature content
TabletTry01 :iconladyoaks:LadyOaks 0 0
Mature content
Us :iconladyoaks:LadyOaks 0 0
Mature content
Hate at First Sight :iconladyoaks:LadyOaks 1 0
Man in the Imperial uniform looked straight at him and he wondered briefly why the world hadn’t frozen a fraction of a second earlier. Oh, sweet irony.
Ritter and Zauberer locked their eyes, both petrified with sudden realization.
They could go their separate ways and pretend it never happened. Yet, the undercurrent of hurt and betrayal they both felt – betrayal most intimate, for they both had their own convictions and reasons – held them there and then, tempers suddenly flaring. Action before thought was the consequence.
Zauberer moved his hand forward, lips parted, and threaded power around. Ritter jumped back, defensively, magic coursing through his body.
“You’re never going to stop me!” Challenge. Accusation. Plea. Desperate acknowledgement of a cruel fate.
“Is this the only way for you?” Misunderstanding. Please, make me understand you, I want to know, just know, and maybe it will all work out.
“It is.” Fatality. Anxiety. Trepid
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Lithe fingers danced over the keys of a piano. She was stunningly beautiful, just sitting there motionless a moment before. Now she swayed sensually, her neck stretching like a languid feline, all muscles soft and taut – just like a boy. Her face remained impassive, devoid of any emotion, and rightfully so, for over her eyes there was a strange contraption, a band of sorts. She was blind, as requested by her purchaser.
The melody she played was heart wrenching. The words she sang, more so. Verses of war, wait and want, love, hope and vengeance slowly escaped her lips, one by one.
The scream pierced his mind and body. The ship, it was anguished. It was dying as was its Heart dying. Both were in agony.
He strapped himself into the emergency chair. With the other Heart already dead, he was the only one that could overtake.
“Take her out, she’s arresting! I can pilot this fucking thing on my own!” He shouted to the technicians. There was no time and they weren’t
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Piano Pop
Pop, pop, piano, and pop
Pop another pill
Spend a night in electric Wonderland,
Do eclectic boogaloo under the strobe
Pop, pop, piano, and pop
Pop another dream
Drink a mirror, look drink me, laugh and scream
Lose yourself in diagram chemistry
Pop, pop, piano, and pop
Pop another pill
Pop another dream
Pop, pop, piano, and pop
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desktop by LadyOaks desktop :iconladyoaks:LadyOaks 0 4
Sanctimony, pt. 01
Sanctimony: 01
In the chambers there was a certain uneasiness to be felt, for it was a rare occurrence for Lucipher to be present during the Council’s debate. What was even more worrisome, the archangel took his appointed place, just next to the Mercy Seat. Eternity passed since anyone sat on one of the two thrones.
Still, Lucipher held the highest rank in the Council. His word could change all if he ever bothered to use this power. This never happened. At least, not until now.
The archangel observed the council members with a viciously unkind smile on his lips. None dared to speak, even after another creature took its stand behind Lucipher.
Astarot’s consort. A Dragon. The only one of the brood that spoke any language at all and behaved with a certain amount of reason. Despicable beast, hidden under the naïve face of teenager and sweet smile. Untouchable. Not many would try to harm a creature Lucipher deemed his own. Even fewer would hurt a creature under Astarot
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With golden eyes of mangled glory
they prey
I fear them not
My fangs, fed on darkness,
pluck the precious orbs
:iconladyoaks:LadyOaks 1 2
Sanctimony :Trailer:
Sanctimony (Trailer)
"You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in the Garden of Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your covering: The sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created. You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones."
"How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest side of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High."
"His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw t
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Girl's Nite IN
Girls’ Nite In
„So, like, I’m talking to his guy, and he’s so sweet on me he’s going to offer his family heirlooms, so I’ll be sweet on him, and he totally has a cute ass so can’t pass over it just like that, so, like, we get groovy…”
“Shut up, you drunk bitch,” Kobu threw an empty beer can at Morlock’s head, hitting her square on the forehead. “Everybody knows you’re a raging dyke.”
“I’m… I’m not!” Brunette squealed. “We’re just friends, great friends!”
“And that’s why you shot her. Twice. And before that, the two of you just had a friendly lesbo romp. And after that you were making out with her. And then your hand just slipped, and you sexed her again. And again. And now you live together.”
“That’s… that’s a LIE!”
“I think that’s actually kind of sweet.” Rani sipped her tea. Green-haired dragoness never ever t
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Taniec marionetki +POLISH+
Taniec marionetki
Lourdese przeskakiwała z kamienia na kamień, a jej biała sukienka zalotnie owijała się wokół kształtnych łydek. Perlisty śmiech rozbrzmiał w tunelach miasta.
Dziewczyna ciągnęła za sobą niemal niewidoczne smugi, cieniutkie, niknące w powietrzu. Nie krępowały jej ruchów. Lourdese wybiegła na dziedziniec przed katedrą i spojrzała na przepiękną budowlę, która nie utraciła nic ze swojej elegancji pomimo zapadniętego dachu. Biały kamień błyszczał w słońcu, zapraszając. Jeśli ktoś potrafił słuchać, opowiadały wiele niezwykłych historii, wszystkie fragmenty skał użyte do budowy.
Po prawej stronie katedry miasto przecinał jeden z licznych kanałów, zbyt wąski dla łodzi szerszej niż dwóch ludzi, zagrodzony zresztą p
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Jak na psionika klasy zero, Rian miał dosyć skromną paletę umiejętności. Z całą pewnością nie był premonikiem, chociaż doskonale wiedział w jakich okolicznościach zginie. Z całą pewnością też nie był telepatą, a mimo to zgadywał doskonale, o czym myśli jego partner (a przynajmniej udawała mu się ta sztuka częściej niż nie).
Prawdę mówiąc, co działo się z psi Riana było jedną wielką zagadką, bo jak na psionika klasy zero, niewiele potrafił zrobić. Wśród bazy badawczej panowała obiegowa opinia, że komandor opiera swoje powodzenie, oraz przeżycie, na szczęściu, i na takiej restrukturyzacji wszechświata koncentruje się właśnie jego potencjał. Bazie badawczej nie przeszkadzało w teoretyzowaniu na ten temat to, że na co dzień
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Nasty habit. Smoking, that is. Kael had no idea why did he care, but damn… It was a nasty habit. And a bit frustrating. More so if the one smoking was him himself.
“Damn it to hell…” Kael took a drag of his cigarette.- I should just quit.
“Shut up, you bastard… I want to sleep…”
“Don’t you have a morning practice, or something”
Blond lump on his bed moved slightly, as if thinking deeply.
“You give a lousy head”
“Love you too.”
“No, seriously. You give some lousy head. You suck.”
Kael chuckled. He didn’t even like smoking. Not particularly, at least.
“Wipe that smug smile off your face. You still suck.”
“Oh, now I remember,” Kael laughed, “You’ve got practice now, in the afternoon, and in the evening too!”
The blond sat up.
“I hate you with my whole being.”
“That’s not what you were saying a little bit earlier.”
“Things said in the th
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Current Residence: Trójmiasto (Thricecity ^^=)
Favourite genre of music: Folk-alternativ, rock
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  • Drinking: Lemon Pepsi!
I don't care whether you're a fan of The Witcher books or not – you have to get The Witcher game. It's fabulous eyecandy. No, really. The game is superb and although I can see why it could be a blasphemy for you when you're a die hard Witcher novel fan, there's no excuse to not play it. (And yeah, I'm somewhere in the middle of the gameplay :) )

I found myself giggling through most of the story-wise elements in a stupid, fangirly way and you know what? I'm not ashamed of myself. For me it's a kind of intricate alternate world fanfiction, good fanfiction to boot.

Because, make no mistake there, the action of The Witcher game takes place after all's said and done and Geralt's very very dead. On the other hand, most of the game's characters are the ones you know from the books or short stories, introduced as new. Some storylines, mostly those from short stories, are reused in some fashion or other. But then, there's so much 'gold' for one that knows books, like Triss saying, after you give her ring: "So you love me now. You've forgotten about her." Every person that read through books or stories knows who she is talking about. And then there's a story told by a barkeeper in the village of 'Deeps' about a princess called Cirilla – this story sums up the action of the whole The Witcher book saga.

Writing is good in The Witcher. Mostly because the dialogues are often a direct quote or a paraphrase of actual dialogues in the books. I don't know how much was Sapkowski himself involved in the making of the game, but some of the speeches I can't remember for my life from books reek of him. (I think Sapkowski's a good author – not a great one, but good – and his short stories are the best. He has a certain penchant for writing dark fantasy social satire. One of the dialogues I remember the most is a satire of the first sentence written in the polish language, which sums up to the archaic saying: "Give me this, I'll be beating the butter and you go get rest" which was paraphrased into a not so archaic: "Give me this, I'll be beating the butter and you go to the cellar and bring us beer".) There's a lot of candies that will be only understood by Polish, like: "Where's law and justice?", random shout by the city dweller, or Hierophants' "Two brothers (… ) they were changed into wild swans. Or was it wild ducks?".

And I scored it with the Princess of Temeria! Go me! Adda's card was the most lewd I've seen so far, even the town hall's worker wasn't so bad. But I like the idea of the cards, they're much more tasteful than similar things in other games. Really.

Battle system. I love it. I friggin love it. Seriously, I love the 'talents' idea, and I love how the actual fights take place. A word of ADVICE for you, peeps, if you decide to play: invest into silver and steel group fighting. It's going to bail your ass more often than not. I know it saved my ass more often than not.

Well, probably I'll get creamed later on by Kościej/Koshchey (You know, The Road with No Return 'Boss', With the Question "What is Kościej" and Answer: "I Think it's Death":>. I'm not going to friggin try to translate this name into English because the first thing that pops into my mind is BONER. The name implies 'made of bones' and 'bony' together with connection to several names for Death that are bound to its/her/his image as a skeleton.) I mean, I'm doing strong and group styles. He will probably need fast :>.

All in all, if you aren't offended by 'fuck', some lewdness and other slightly immature things, like a good story-wise, not exactly linear (should I kill the werewolf or not? What impact will it have on a later gameplay?) and not exactly cliché action rpg game,

(I know the game has some stability issues on Vista, but fuck-yeah, if the system restarts can't stop ME – and I get highly annoyed very, very fast – they won't stop YOU!)

You get to screw Merigold more than twice – and get two different cards so far :>~~ Will inform later on~~

PS. Happy New Year all around~~!

PPS. Anyone feeling generous enough to donate in some form the text of the English translation of The Witcher first book, The Last Wish :)? I know it was already published in UK :)


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